SAZKA Eurojackpot - prejudice against the rich

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In the autumn of last year, we prepared an image campaign for SAZKA lottery company, pointing out the negative attitude of the Czech public to rich people. The communication consisted of two parts - the first was a survey, the second was a collaboration with a YouTuber named Vidrail, who prepared two funny videos for Sazka. The survey was a great success in the media and its results were published on websites, in print, radio and television.


Eurojackpot celebrated its first birthday in November 2015. Sazka wanted to somehow accentuate this fact and also wanted to draw attention to its relatively new lottery. That is why we carried out a survey and introduction, we did a survey and the opened discussion on how the Czech population actually perceives rich people.


The main part of the campaign was a public survey, where a sample of respondents, citizens of the Czech Republic, assessed photos of people in various situations. Based on their appearance and environment, they were supposed to assess whether a person is likable, hardworking and whether they are rich. The result was a correlation that the Czechs do not see overly rich people as honest. However, it is interesting that the majority desires wealth nevertheless. Alongside, we also arranged on cooperation with a YouTuber named Vidrail, who made two videos based on the survey information - one of them funny and the other as a social experiment. The results of our survey resonated very nicely in the media and thanks to the attractiveness of the topic, we even got Eurojackpot into the Evropa 2 morning show with Leos Mares and Patrik Hezucky.

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