Milka - Turns the toughest tender

Even bikers love chocolate.

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    designs created

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    sales increase

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    European Excellence Awards 2014

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    Czech PR Award 2015

Campaign description

  • microsite
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  • celebrity PR
  • application
  • FB management

Punk, bikers, tattoos, rap, football hooligans, unconventional mothers, Krav Maga and female body fitness connected with Milka chocolate? The "Turns the toughest tender" project aimed at opening a discussion about subcultures and prejudices that are often connected with them. We also wanted to show that even the rough-looking subcultures may have their tender side. Using free PR, we managed to present the campaign in a wide range of media and to show the brand in a completely new light. Unlike marketing activities, we managed to communicate directly with the members of subcultures and important influencers via social networks.


Milka wanted create an unconventional campaign accompanying the launch of the new large 300g chocolate bars that would reflect the new claim of this segment "Turns the toughest tender". Only a few customers preferred the large bar to the 100g packaging and that we were asked to change. The goal of our campaign was to raise consumer awareness of the new large bars and to give them a reason to buy those. Because the uncompromising dose of tenderness in a large bar can transform even the toughest guy, which we showed the consumers in practice.


We contacted subcultures, which the public perceives as rough and presented selected representatives through their life stories. The goal was to show that even a rough-looking tattoo artist or a punk have their tender sides and we should not judge others by their looks. The campaign included a FB app, where you could download subculture designs but also create your own. We released exclusive interviews and commentaries on an unconventional microsite. We also presented the serious topic of struggling against prejudice in a humorous and visually attractive way - via a viral video from the Prague metro. We also involved a controversial "rough" celebrity in the campaign, who helped to present the project in the social/tabloid media.

Campaign results

  • 60

    media outputs

  • 4 mil.


  • 7000

    designs created

  • 34%

    sales growth

  • 350k

    video views