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About PR.Konektor

About PR.Konektor

We are one of the leading agencies in the Czech and Slovak Republics, holding a number of prestigious awards (Czech PR Awards, SABRE Awards, Excellence Awards). We provide comprehensive services with an emphasis on modern approaches and meaningfulness throughout marketing communication. This is guaranteed by professionals from the agency itself and our experienced partners, with whom we cooperate on projects. Thanks to our Slovak branch and membership in the global Eurocom Worldwide network, we also help clients outside the borders of the Czech Republic.


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  • AirBnB
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We hold communications together

Communication has never been as fragmented as it is today. In addition to newspapers, magazines, TV and radio, online and social media must be an integral part of all campaigns. The current situation requires an individual approach, yet the campaign must not lose internal integrity. Through close collaboration with Konektor Social, we can guarantee that all your communication activities will stick together.

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We will wag the dog and the cat

We will make sure they write about you. Frequently, positively, and most of all - in places where it helps you. We know what journalists need, and how to present your information. After all, we have been working with them for over ten years and we ourselves have number of former journalists in our team. And what is more, thanks to our firm relations with journalists, we know what is coming and we can use it in your favour.

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Reach the Stars

We work with numerous celebrities and we can choose the right one for you. Moreover, we like to tailor our projects to celebrities and we often enthuse them so much they communicate beyond our agreement. Simply because they enjoy it. We have received numerous awards for campaigns using celebrities in communication, including the gold prize at the European Excellence Awards.

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No good deed...

We will gladly help you handle and adjust your CSR strategy so it is beneficial for both your company and your brand. If the public is to appreciate your responsible behaviour, they need to perceive this topic and is topic and understand it. Therefore, proper communication is absolutely crucial. That is why we always look for suitable ways of communicating your achievements, so that it reaches the public the most.

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We guard your brand

We have extensive experience not only in resolving reputational crises but also with their prevention. We will gladly prepare your plan for crisis communication, train the key managers and set up the processes and monitoring services that can help you avoid crises. Our team of experienced consultants will stand by your side in any case, in good times and the bad.

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The best for any project

Konektor Place. That is more than 50 specialists, from which we select the best for each and every project. We have specialists for corporate or lifestyle PR, celebrities, influencers and new media or social networks. And we will help you support your CSR activities. Whoever from our team works with you, it will be an enthusiastic professional.

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Everything for your brand

Building a brand is a challenging process that requires understanding and respect. PR.Konektor will help you in internal communications, building relationships with the media and the professional community. We use modern methods and tools to enhance corporate reputation. As part of strategic concepts, we create creative corporate content and deliver it to the specific target groups.

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Training by Play

Thanks to our unique focus on the integration of classical PR tools with progressive online communication techniques, we are able to offer our clients a truly modern and relevant training. Theoretical lectures, practical workshops, or targeted simulations help them acquire and enhance the necessary communication skills.

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